08 44 13 Aluminum Framed Glazed Curtain Wall

University of Northern Iowa
Curtain Wall and Glazing
University of Northern Iowa - Curtain Wall and Glazing
Kinnick Stadium - Curtain Wall and Glazing
Peregrine Financial
Peregrine Financial
Coover Hall
Compartmentalization is one of the significant differentiating factors with curtain walls.  By handling air and water infiltration within each daylight opening in a frame, the system is capable of cladding to the highest of elevations.  The systems transfer the imposed loading back to the structure via multi-way attachment brackets.  The brackets are designed to handle not only construction tolerances, but also the various loads imposed by others (ex. dead loads, snow loads, seismic).


Nationwide Insurance
Human Services Campus
Coral West
McLeod Center
Peregrine Financial
Coover Hall
Kinnick Stadium
Kirwood Hotel
Iowa Speedway
Beckwith Boathouse
PCI Medical Pavilion
Prairie Hill Elementary

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